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Sailor Moon Themed Items 2017-08-08

Clothing, wands and hair sailor moon themed

  1. Elga de Uruk
    These files are saved as bmps so, you will need UO fiddler to place them in your shard.
    This is my first time officially giving my clothing graphics to someone so I'm not sure about the size and if they will fit the paper dolls correctly. So if anything needs to be resized feel free to message me and it'll edit the items. The items I created were two different Sailor moon wands, a sailor moon outfit, sailor moon boots, and a heart tiara. I also threw in some tuxedo mask items which are his mask and a top hat. In my graphics I indicate which gender the items are intended for. For the items I have also placed smaller versions for being items in bags or on gumps.


    1. sailor moon outfit clothing gump female.png
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