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Scarecrow Training Dummy and Piñata Animations 2020-02-19

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Included are various frames created from the Scarecrow and Training Dummy graphics; one of a swinging scarecrow, one for the scarecrow being hit and breaking in half, and one for the scarecrow being hit and breaking in half and spilling out candy and confetti. Both facings incluced.

If you add the graphics of the Swinging Scarecrow in a similar manner as is done with the Training Dummy graphics, it would be a simple matter to create a Scarecrow Training Dummy script using the Training Dummy script as a base and substituting the new graphic ItemIDs.

Adding the graphics to the script for the scarecrow breaking apart, with and without candy, would take a little more work, using either actual animations or, more likely, timers and changing ItemIDs. I will fiddle with this eventually. Could be fun for holiday events, or maybe just as a weird surprise.

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