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Scripts & Systems file for Run UO post 2 2020-02-21

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I have downloaded these programs over the years wanting to build my own server but RL always took over. I don't know most of the people who made them. i know a few that are listed , HammerHand, Daat99, XSLAYERX, Lucid Nagual's, Fenris, GreyWolf79. I did not make any of them. i just thought people would like them. im posting on the site but am working on getting them on a site for direct download. will put the rest in a second post. i have 3 script programs but i think one is too big. will try to get that on the direct download site here.

If something is not met too be posted i will be happy to take down the post or an admin can as well. Hope somone fine this content useful!

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