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Shearing Knowledge 2015-05-27

SA with variable carpet reward

  1. Shazzy
    Quest giver is on Ter Mut
    This is the Shear Knowledge Quest.
    The reward is Milva's Variable Carpet Addon Deed.
    There iare TWO distro edits:
    1) to sheep - big shoutout to Lokai *waves* - so players on the quest can get the Britannian Wool. If you are on the quest you will get both regular and britannian wool(Britannian Wool is a 1 in 5 chance and is actual wool you can use to make cloth)
    2) Quest chain, Be sure to add to the bottom of the list CarpetQuest,

    ** You will see a section in sheep.cs marked //ARTEGORDON
    This makes the wool the color of the sheep, but is not needed for this quest, but a fun things to have in if you want to keep it. If not just add the quest section to your sheep.

    This is not a DONE ONCE quest.
    Feel free to change anything or everything as it fits your server and players!
    If you need any help, just holler!

    Have fun and thanks again guys for the assistance!