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Skill Trainer NPC 1.3

A skill training NPC that opens a gump when you say "train" or pay gold

  1. Aschnyder26
    This is a skill training NPC I made. It can be set to charge gold or to use a keyword to call the training gump if perhaps you are beta testing and want players to be able to easily change skills and stats. It could easily be modified to use any currency your shard uses.

    Just change
    Code (C#):
    1. if (dropped is Gold && dropped.Amount >= 10000)
    to whatever you need.

    The options are already scripted in, you would just need to comment one or the other out. The skill trainer can be set to train a single skill to a certain level or multiple skills all at once. He also responds with sayings that you can customize and gets stern if you try to short him on gold. LOL

    Update: The gump has been updated to look cleaner, the script now will check for skill and stat caps. You can change skills up or down. I added a stat gump because who wants to be GM anything with no stats. LOL Editing a skill will not affect other skills and you can easily set any skill to any amount including partial amounts. The script will keep totals of the skill caps so if you have some skills at i.e. 50.7 etc it will still keep your players at cap.

    I made this because everyone has skill balls and skill stones and this just seemed more unique. Enjoy!

    SkillTrainer_No Train.png
    Reworked Gumps.png


    1. SkillTrainer_PickSkills.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. CrafterEric
    Version: 2018-07-21
    Excellent addition or replacement for skill ball. Script is very well setup and well commented throughout for easy customizing. Set a skill trainer for 1 skill without zeroing out everything else in the training room. Great addon! Thank you for your contribution.