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SkillStone 2021-03-05

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GitHub Repo Link: poolmanjim/SkillStone

I know. I can already see the comments "but skill balls and skill stones are a thing already". Yes, they are. However, none of them worked quite like I wanted and none of them could be customized the way I wanted, so I made my own. In all fairness, I did take the type of item and the vague idea from the other skill stones and skill balls out there but 95% or more of the code was me guessing until it worked.

This is intended to allow shards control over how they kick start new players, and to which degree those players are kick started. Why? Because the major parts (and hopefully, eventually) nearly every aspect of the Skill Stone is customizable.

The stone is very, very simple. Double click the stone, it assigns that stone to that player and that player alone can use it. The stone gives the player a list of skills (in the order they are stored within ServUO) and the player then inputs what they want the value of each skill they want to level up in the fields and hit a button to make it work.

The stone comes with really two values that control how the stone works: SkillPoints and SkillMaxLevel. SkillPoints determine how much juice the stone has. When it runs out of juice, it auto deletes. This can be customized upon creation or changed dynamically through [props. Likewise, SkillMaxLevel is the maximum level the stone will allow players to elevate to. It defaults to 100. This means players can move as many skills as they want to 100 until the points run out. If you don't want players to take things to 100, set it lower. That is your choice.

I imagined this to be used at character creation. Give players a skill stone so they can allocate so many skills and then be off. I also imagined it would be a cool reward for events or for purchase with rare currencies. It is really up to you how you want to use it.

This is the Beta version. Meaning I've done a lot of testing on my test shard but I acknowledge that I can't test everything. Give it a try. Let me know if it has issues (or causes them).

My only asks are that you try not to sell it (license says I can't prohibit that), that you keep the copyright info in the script, and that you not use it to create a world-ending AI. Beyond that, go for it. Thanks for trying it out!
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