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some High Sea Vendors 1.0

some high sea vendors

  1. demented
    Some Vendors for the High Sea Market Place...

    Vendor List:
    -*Crab Fisher Sells Lobster Traps
    - Alchemist that includes selling Salt Peter
    - Gargoyle Tanner using SBTanner Buy/sell
    - Gargoyle Shipwright Sells all other HS Boats and Maps and Garyole Galleon
    - Gargoyle Fisherman using SBFisherman
    - Human Shipwright that sells other HS Boats and Maps and the Tokuno Galleon

    *- Note Need to either make a LobsterTrap Script or Have the SeaFood - Lobster & Crab Trapping Script Release
    Sorry if they arent 100% Osi Exact..i tried hehe