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Special Floor Tiles 1.0

The following floor tiles are available: Insta-kill, Return Home, Mob Restriction, and UnHide

  1. tass23
    I have no idea who is responsible for originally coding these, but since a few people have inquired about certain things these tiles can do, I thought I would share them.

    There are 4 Floor Tiles : Insta-Kill, Return Home, Mob Restriction, and Unhide.

    Insta-Kill - Does just what it says. When a player steps on this tile, they die, period.

    Return Home - This tile send any mob back to it's "home"/spawn area when it steps on the tile.

    Mob Restriction - This tile prevents mobs from crossing the tile. It does NOT provide LOS checks (mobs can still attack across the floor tile).

    Unhide - If a player is in stealth and steps on this tile, it will reveal them.

    NOTE: Not tested with the latest ServUO repo.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LukeDe
    Version: 1.0
    Ah time to construct another hedge maze. Thank you. :D
  2. sahisahi
    Version: 1.0