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Spring Decor 2015-02-19

OSI spring decor collection

  1. dragon slayer2
    couple edits required
    Created by Kamuflaro

    The distro files that have the edits are included

    This I think is close to OSI shards from what he posted at runuo

    Description: Contains the following items...
    Surveyor's Scope - Works just like a normal house placement tool
    Mongbat Dartboard - Tells players how many points their shot was worth
    Can be dyed with a Veteran Reward Statuette Dye Tub, but not the Pigments of Tokuno yet.
    Blessed Statue - Fills with a random number of reagents every day
    Can be dyed with a Veteran Reward Statuette Dye Tub, but not the Pigments of Tokuno yet.
    Carved Wooden Screen - Furniture deco
    Throw Pillow - Decorative item
    Dragon Brazier - Can be turned on and off with a simple touch
    Basket of Herbs - Gives a 10% increase to the Cooking skill, when used by a character whose account owns the home (does not allow you to exceed 100 cooking skill)
    This temporary increase lasts until the player leaves their home
    Shochu - The carafe can be refilled from other containers containing beverages, but not with a Sake fountain yet
    Mariner's Brass Sextant - Decorative sextant
    Heartwood Chest - Chest with a key (not OSI style)
    Low Yew Table - Furniture deco
    All items blessed, except the chest.
    All original info at http://www.uo.com/spring_decor/springdecor.html
    If anyone can provide any info on how these are different from those on OSI, please post.

    In the default folder are two scripts from BaseRunUO you need to edit accordingly. Changes are marked
    Scripts\Regions\HouseRegion.cs - 1 additional block.
    Scripts\Items\Skill Items\Tailor Items\DyeTubs\DyeTub.cs - 1 line changed
    Put the scripts from the new folder in your desired custom scripts directory.