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StatBall version 1.1

Allows Stats to be set by player.

  1. Aurastin
    Honesty Disclaimer: This is not my script! All credit goes to the original author who I am unable to identify, and to @PyrO for updating the script making it easy to customize.

    I found this script at https://github.com/GoUO/GoUO

    This StatBall can be used by a player to modify their character's Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Default values are based on a 225 StatCap.

    To customize for your shard simply edit the following values as needed.
    Example: private int statcap = 500;

    Code (C#):
    2. //-----------------
    3.         // Edit to your liking or leave blank for default values
    4.         //------------------------
    5.         private int statcap;
    6.         private int defaultStr;
    7.         private int defaultDex;
    8.         private int defaultInt;
    9.         private int maxStr;
    10.         private int maxDex;
    11.         private int maxInt;
    13.         //-----------------------

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