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Statistics 1.4.1

Collects and displays shard statistics.

  1. Felladrin

    This is an automated script that collects and displays shards statistics in-game and on console.

    In-game player command: [Statistics


    All those statistics are publicly accessible, so you can integrated with other scripts, like displaying the statistics on web status page.


    Just drop this script anywhere inside your Scripts folder.


    You can change Configs on the of the script:
    Code (C#):
    1. bool Enabled = true;                            // Is this system enabled?
    2. bool ConsoleReport = true;                      // Should we report statistics on console?
    3. TimeSpan Interval = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1);    // How often should we update statistics?
    4. AccessLevel CanSeeStats = AccessLevel.Player;   // What's the level required to see statistics in-game?
    5. AccessLevel CanUpdateStats = AccessLevel.Seer;  // What's the level required to update statistics in-game?