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Summon Command 1.1.0

Player command to summon another player to their position.

  1. Felladrin
    Summon Command

    This is a plug&play command to let players summon other players, to bring them to their position, saving the time they would spend traveling. The command has a cooldown, so players need to wait some time before using it again.


    Just drop this script anywhere in your Scripts folder.


    You can configure it on the top of the script:
    Code (C#):
    1. bool Enabled = true;                                    // Is this command enabled?
    2. bool CanBeUsedInCombat = false;                         // Can they use this command while in combat?
    3. bool CanBeUsedWhileDead = false;                        // Can they use this command while they are dead?
    4. TimeSpan Cooldown = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1);            // How long players need to wait before using the command again?
    5. TimeSpan AutoRefuseDelay = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30);    // How long should the gump be displayed for the summoned?

    In-game, just type [Summon to see a list of players available to summon.
    You can also use [Summon <name> to filter the list or directly summon a specific player.


    Gump seen by the summoned.