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Tameable Ancient Wyrm 2017-07-14

For GMs - an ancient wyrm you can tame

  1. TwilightRaven
    An ancient wyrm that you can tame if it doesn't kill you first

Recent Reviews

  1. CrafterEric
    Version: 2017-07-14
    Man, these things are about *awesome*! Mine never got mad while I was taming them, and with 4000 Taming, it worked every time. :D Set your follower max up real high, then carry like 10 of these wyrms around with you, and you're tough to kill. *Loads* of fun, from beginning to end. Bond 'em! Thank you so much for doing this, these creatures are tough to kill even one on one, but in packs, and bonded? Pretty unbeatable. I'm having tons of fun with mine, and I mostly just wanted to say thank you for sharing.