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Tarantula & Lasher Ethys 1.3

tarantula,lasher,mount ,,ethys

  1. Neshoba
    patched to the latest patch
    the new tarantula and lasher ethys started By Shazzy and Vorspire all We did was take it and work on it til got it rite working from this thread https://www.servuo.com/threads/tarantula-ethereal.5723/

    Thank You Everbody that worked on this These are realy cool
    If I missed anybody for thanks with helpin or input or whatever They done on this apologies Please include it in the header when You d/l it (or leave a note and I will update header and repost)
    (edit) I realy hate when I forget to save the file and changes don't go in :p:p:p but I saved it this time