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For years I played a fisherman on Ultima Online. I was always annoyed by the boat color, and the water color. I thought of all the ways I would change it if I could. Then I discovered UO Emulators. And a program called paintshop pro, along side with a program called inside UO my journey began. I created tons of custom art. But, the dream boat was more challenging than it seemed. Then one night it happened. I created the dream boat. I actually cried when I placed the boat in game. It finally looked like I always imagined.

Dream Boat.png

In order to hue the sails you must flag every single tile in the tiledata to partial hue.Then you must use a hue multi command. Or for testing set [area set hue ### and target the whole thing. For it to work properly as an item being hued you must do some scripting. It works best with normal hues. If you use crazy multi colored hues some of the wood will be speckled. Also include are images to remove the tillerman just a personal preference of mine. I would like to thank my good friend Gamertech for all the years he kept me going. Without him this would have remained a dream. These images were created as an UO replacement.

Item 0x3E5A.png
Pixel by pixel colored ropes. I noticed official game boat had masts with shadow on wrong side. I will be fixing those in an update as well. This is because, the OSI artist mirrored the mast to save time. You can see this in the last image shown.
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