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The Gluttonous Blade 2023-05-13

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Legend has it that a powerful and cursed kryss was forged by a master blacksmith who had a deep desire for wealth and power. This kryss was imbued with dark magic and an insatiable thirst for riches that corrupted the heart of anyone who wielded it. As the years passed, the kryss changed hands many times, leaving a trail of greed and destruction in its wake. It was said that those who possessed the kryss would stop at nothing to acquire more wealth, resorting to treachery and violence to achieve their goals. As its power grew, the kryss became known as the "Cursed Kryss of Avarice," and it was feared by all who knew of its existence.
This kryss requires the player to feed it gold which starts a timer on it giving it magical properties.
10000 Gold adds 10 minutes of time. (this can be changed of course.)
I was having one issue with it so I commented it out.
I cant seem to get the ontarget to add more time if the timer is already started.
completely over looking something I'm sure.
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