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Misc The wonders of XMLspawner

I don't really see much of XMLspawner being discussed anywhere on the internet, nowadays and it's great shame.

I've been tinkering around with it for just under a year. As someone who hasn't yet touched upon C script, I find it a amazingly liberating tool. You don't need to be a whizkid programmer to accomplish some fun things for players to enjoy. Take my latest shard project: Ultimate Skullball League:


A view of a match starting.


Rowdy Streakers who invade the pitch randomly.


A Skullbonanza - earned by dropping heads in a basket.


Dirty dog bonus allows you to poison your opposing team.

Now, I have to stress this, I am by no means a coder. And most of this is item triggered, proxy spawner code. I've barely even got a grasp of the syntax required to write complex entries in XML. And yet it's been possible to make something incredibly good fun.

Most of this has been achieved by prodigious research on XMLSpawnerfan or through examining xmlspawners already present on the shard. Simply put it is amazing tool - I positively encourage anyone with a vested interest in UO or their shard to consider learning it.

And I also encourage those with the knowledge to teach others, to embrace the opportunity. Otherwise the knowledge basis will continue to diminish and only ever exist in the now outdated XMLSpawner fan.

For example, here's how achieved a briefly spawning poison field as part of the Dirty Bonus:


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