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Town Crier Advanced 2016-01-12

advance town crier

  1. Shazzy
    I know everyone probably has this and I have had it so long I do not remember who wrote it...probably one of you guys back on RunUO.
    I love this town crier. You can put your own messages in and it makes a news.txt file. You can edit the new, update, you have a gump to change the message speed, random or not, active or not.
    A crier stone which is non movable and players can not see when double clicked will give you the basic gump.
    I get crier stone which goes in your backpack and then after setting the basics on the stome, place wandering towncries in place of the distro.
    You can keep your distro, I renamed this on Towncrierb.cs
    Anyway, for the few who do not have this, it is really nice to have!
    Question, just ask!

    Shazzy :]