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Transformation idols 1.0.1

You can use those idols to transform into monsters and animals at wish.

  1. Po0ka
    Those are some idols with a base class that you can add on your server.
    It allows the user to transform into a specified form.

    I actually took the time to check the shrink.cfg to build up the idols.
    If there are any missing, just tell me the name, body value, and itemid of the statue.

    If you search for idols that have no statuettes, then you would need to adapt it yourself.

    I did not do much testing before releasing it, so if you get an unexpected result such as a glitch or crash just tell me and i will try to fix it.

    See the FAQ section for some quick answers before posting for support.

    Feel free to modify and share it in any way you wish to.

Recent Updates

  1. Bad indentation fixed.