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Trash Bag With Points 2015-06-29

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ServUO v54
This is a trash bag that players can carry around in their backpack to help keep your shard clean, not only does it make it easy to throw things away rather than all over the ground, but it adds points when you throw things away that you can let players spend on whatever you see fit.

This is the vendor script that I use to allow players to spend points from the trash bag, but you are more than welcome to script whatever you want to redeem points.

This adds 1 point per item deleted(recursively through containers), meaning if you drop a bag with 30 items in it, you get 31 points, if you drop a stack of 30 of something in there, you get 30 points.

Anyways, place in your custom scripts folder and your all set, enjoy!

Thanks to Bittiez for creating this.
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