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Ultima Adventures - Based on Ultima Odyssey June 09

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Hi all, i know it' only been a few days since my last post here, but there have been some major changes in teh server and i thought it warranted an update to this release. The release includes a number of different elements - namely around the evil curse taking over the land.

- the math has been reworked and works much more as intended now - when players fight evil evil fights back
- there is an investment bag which allows you to invest your money - be careful as the investment returns follow an algorythm around the evil curse which is plaguing the land... if at times of high risk, investments are more likely to fail, but have much higher returns.
- implemented a dynamic curse calculation that takes into account 3 day moving averages and the rate by which the curse went up or down. In other words, if NO ONE kills a monster for a few days, the rate of change will even to 0, and if the curst goes up by too much, the curse level might actually decrease to help the players out. The system is much more dynamic now - if players rock the house and kill tons of enemies, the rate of change of curse will increase to adapt to the players' activities.
- implemented an investment algorythm that takes into account the dark father's curse! If times are good and the curse is low, returns should be stable and good (the economy is doing well), but if times are dangerous and the curse is high, you might lose on your investment. Also, i made it so the higher returns are earned (if you are lucky) during times of high risk.
- Also, as an added bonus, ive made it so negative karma characters have a MUCH LOWER chance of suffering the dark father's curse. He is evil after all and so is a negative karma character. to make things fun, i also made it so killing a POSITIVE KARMA mob HELPS the dark father's curse increase! Now, negative karma characters can make things harder for the good guys by killing positive karma mobs (purple mobs, etc)
- I found that with 80+ remove trap i would never trigger a single hidden trap. This is because the hidden trap avoidance is based on a number of different elements (like stats), but the remove trap check is a skillcheck with 0-125 min/max range. A character with 80+ removetrap would rarely fail this. So, ive randomized the minimum skill trap difficulty level to make things more fun. A player with gm remove trap might still get stung here and there, albeit rarely.
- with this in mind, hiddentraps will now emit a faint light to make them "spottable". try and find them in dungeons, and use remove trap to deactivate them.
- Complete rework of the curse calculation and investment calculation, tested and works as intended now (10+ hours went into this!)
- entrances in the new underworld map were placeholders, I added some proper map changes for these entrances, as well as new mobs, etc. you can now fight the stygian dragon in the enslaved goblin fortress!

Lots of changes, much time spent making it all work. note that the client is set for the server, you need to change to localhost if you want to run offline (but why? come join us and ask for the discord link! its more fun with others)

here is the latest copy of the server that we are currently playing on, for those who want to integrate into their offline servers, or just test out things in order to help implement new features. Note that I've moved away from the C:\uo folder, and instead just extract the ultima-adventures to the c:\ drive and you should be good to go.

The server has grown, and players contribute to the development daily, so much that's here still has to be ironed out and improved. it is very much a work in progress. We welcome anyone with improvements to please contibute to the fork - I've asked a player to start making lore for the new content for example. want to write a book that will be included? go ahead!

Biggest changes: DOOM! New Underworld Map! Morph Armors! See changes below.

look for the june 29 file int he download link drive

latest changes since last update:

June 11
- Mages now sell a special item: Linked Gates!! These two gates will allow you to move freely (without penalty) between each other, but are only effective within a facet/world. They are sold at mage vendors.
- All Guild vendors now sell MUCH higher quantities of goods... ingots, cloth, regs, you name it. you need to be a memeber of that guild to buy from the guildmaster vendor... but it might be worth it! Select items are also cheaper at the guildmaster.
- reduced the gaining rate of focus/mediation by a factor of 4. was way to fast before.
- fixed issue where classicuo would show a notile for a brazier that was not lit.
- persons who are over 90% in hunger and thirst will receive a 10% well fed bonus to skill gain chances
- tamables who are trained over level 25 will now have a chance to lower their control slot requirement by 1 control slot (as long as it is above 2), and all tamables who reach level 50 will loose a control slot requirement. Training and breeding a tamable to level 50 is very difficult, however if someone spends this much time with a tamable they will find that controlling them is much easier.
- introduced monster nests, these items spawn enemies until they are destroyed- will start populating them around the lands and add a different mechanic to the way dungeons work.
- skillgain was a bit too easy, so tweaked the skill gain factor for a few skills to adjust the rate of gain.
- blueguards will now have the same cost as healers for resurrection services
- you can now buy mannequins from tailor vendors! Use them to display your cool armor and suits
- added 15 new custom artefacts to the loot tables - more content for all to collect.
- tweaks to henchmen.. first off they were healing 100% of their damage too often.. so we added a timer so they can only heal once every 5 seconds now, also, theyr stats/skills were based off a function of the player's stats and skills/skillcap. because we have no skillcap, they were SUPER strong by default for almost everyone. this has been tweaked - henchmen now spawn as a function of the player's stats, and will scale accordingly. a 250 stat player will get the henchmen as 100% capacity.

June 14
- thanks to some amazing constructive and positive feedback given by someone in servuo, we have now made it so any style of play will have unlimited skillcap. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!
- Casino is now open! Look for the door from the Inn - we will be adding games as time progresses
- sarth library now has usable bookshelves to store books in! IT's a great place for us to collect all the books int he game and create a public library
- The animal broker can now appraise a pet's value and purchase pets based on a complex calculation that takes into account a pet's max damage, resistances, stats, hits, taming skill required and control slots required. youc an use this to compare two of the same types of pets against each other.
- Corpses will now no longer have weight limits (dump you crap in them when in a dungeon please!)
- tweaked reds to make them more challenging (again) - blues as well
- revised widow's keep to make it more challenging... zombies are now more dangerous.
- zombies can now drop a special unique armor set
- Added a completely new revised Monster Gauntlet in Ambrosia! Has menus now, allows you to pick which spawn you want, and had some special rewards if you're lucky. It also keeps a tally of all persons who complete the gauntlet (score and time to complete). Also, you can't die playing the gauntlet - you just teleport out, so try it!
- added studybooks and original OSI books to the librarian searches.
- completely revamped librarian drop rates. as it was before, a powerscroll had the same chance of being found as a magery spellbook :/ now, rewards have different difficulties.
- changes were made to the way the AFK command works! Instead of the bland *is AFK[TIME]* message you see now, you will now see a randomized sentence! Try it! Also, gaining a skill will now remove the AFK status. If youre macroing, the player is doing an action :)
- Changes were made to begging! You can now received up to 600gp a shot from begging, and the amount is determined by you LACK OF karma/fame... the closer you are to 0 fame/karma the more likely you are to get 600gp. ALSO.. you can now beg other players!! and if they have gold, they will give you some on a successful check!
- Minotaur labyrinth spawns now have a special effect to counteract persons who use the maze hedges in order never to get hit a single time by any of the monsters, minotaurs have a chance of dropping item bless deeds, and slayer stones.
- The virus at widow's keep may now go airborne (wear a mask!), carving a red's body should now no longer cause karma loss
- changed how tamables follow you... they used to stop when out of sight range and you had to double back and get them... this should now be dramatically improved.
- Trash barrels will now "talk trash" when you put an item in them! Try it out! They will say randomized insults to brighten up your day.
- fixed an issue where dynamicbooks spawns empty
- changed how stealth attacks damage was calculated... in odyssey they can do up to 4x damage at gm hiding and stealth. at 60 damage (with damage increase) this can result in 240hp hits, on top of weapon abilities and spells like enemy of one in chiv. reduced this to a random range now between 133% and 240% damage.
- fixed squirecare book to work correctly, and uses image gump too (thanks gadget)
- frst implementation of Morph Armor sets! Morph armor are VERY RARE drops from boss type monsters that will morph you into that monster. Each set will be geared towards a particular play style (melee,magery, stealth) and will have a special ability usable once every 24 hours. In this edit, the first morph armor is the minotaur morph armor. Obtainable from minotaurs in the cracked labyrinth. Note that this is very powerful armor, and very rare - all 7 pieces are required for the morph effect.

June 24
- fixed a crash related to the recent change in OnDamage.
- fixed an issue that made the [go command stop working and apparently the [sr command start crashing.
- you can now recall out of a dungeon, but you can no longer recall in to a dungeon. This is to ensure people need to explore before they get to the big boss, instead of simply recalling in and farming the boss.
- Odyssey was a game meant to be played solo, so Djeryv didn't put any caps on Hp/Stam/Dex regen rates. As such, it was possible to have a char that had 120+ HP regen. We have implemented hardcaps (confirgurable in myserversettings) for these regen rates and they are currently at 35, as well as spelldamage increase (maxed to 100%). these had the possiblity of making players overly powerful and invincible.
- Implementation of the Doom Gauntlet! This is meant to be ultra-high end content as the mobs there are much harder than in standard OSI servers (because of our no skillcap). I would recommend players really be careful when trying to enter doom and trying the gauntlet - the dark father has over 30,000 HP. this new dungeon will liekly need balancing - but all functional parts work properly. The doom entrance can be accessed by asking a an NPC in sarth's abbey about it...
- Aether Globe: The dark father has come and made his mark on the lands of UA! Travel by recall/ dispellable moongate has a chance of incurring a the dark father's curse in UA. The dark father is corrupting the AEther slowly but surely, and players need to kill the evil that spreads through the lands in order to counter-act his evil corruption. The Aether globe (there is one in the common bank) indicates the danger level and the corruption of the Aether by the dark father. Killing the dark father completely resets the corruption, and killing monsters with negative karma also reduces the curse based on their karma.
- Dark Father's morph armor now has a chance og dropping in Doom! various mobs have various odds of having one of these very rare drops. The dark father morph armor will give the wearer the abiltiy to be the lord of death, with a very special (non-aso attribute) feature which i won't write here in order to keep the mystery.
- Conversion of the Underworld! our new Ilshenar map is now live, giving us ample room for new content (stygian dragon anyone?) going down the line. The entrances to odyssey dungeons and features are placeholders at this point, as we did not have enough time to go in and edit the maps to ensure they are seamless. you will see floating mirrors, which are placeholders for now (if anyone wants to work on this we would welcome it!). Note that we have kept only 6 dungeon dwellings. considering our server has under 10 active players, we didn't see the point of having so many available, and the space will be used for new content.
- imported the mounts appearing as they should from the latest odyssey version, thanks Djeryv! great change.
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Server and client updated to June 09 version. download latest client and server in the download google drive.

Changelog since last post:
June 1
- updated sosaria map to the latest version of the odyssey maps... all changes ported (that i could find)
- killing a guard will now give you a kill
- killing a red: you can now carve up the corpse and drag the head on a guard for a gold/karma reward!
- added bounties given by guards for ALL human enemies... carve them up and drop a head on a guard
- Updated spawns to match Odyssey - new map changes.
- fixed issue where a red would discord a player
- tweaked the difficulty of blues and reds somewhat - they should hit harder, but die easier
- the Town Herald might gossip about your lottery purchases now and other acts that are specific to this server!

June 3
- reduced red spawns
- Gadget fixed issue with reds who are bards
- Added: The wench! this lady of pleasure will make you feel better, and can also be used to change your stats!! can be found near most inns in sosaria
- fixed store inventories to match odyssey.

June 6
- added weather! it can rain/snow in odyssey again! Thanks Gadget
- Tweaked the amount of bandages red/blues have (lower) and increased bandage timer a bit for all.
- Added Hiding Powerscroll (was missing)
- fixed numerous crashes and bugs which were plaguing us
- changed squire control slots to 3 instead of 5

June 9
- updated to latest odyssey version, you can now become a librarian snooping into dungeon bookshelves using a monocle! rewards are very varied - more content thanks to Djeryv in Odyssey!
- While we're at it.. added the original OSI library books to the game. Look out for them in dungeon bookshelves
- a number of fixes and updates to a few systems
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