Ultima Adventures -  Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey

Ultima Adventures - Community modded fork Ultima Odyssey 1.06

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Simply wonderful. Thank you.
Easily the best UO experience I've had. Completely unique and diverse. The constantly updates and extra features that are added all the time keep it fresh. If you haven't given Adventures a go I recommend you do. Make sure you join the discord :)
Just superb! The world here feels very alive and dynamic, while you can still feel the spirit of that good old Ultima online
Lots and lots to do, lots and lots to discover. Different enough to not be "more of the same", but similar enough to not feel everything is alien. Not just another UO, but still UO. Development is constant, multiple bugfixes and features added daily, largely based on user input. good stuff.
Great addition to the Ultima Odyssey package. The devs are quite friendly and open to suggestion without bending to everyone's whim.
This is the best version of UO that there is. The absurd amount of features that just work out of the box is impressive and the monthly updates are making sure that there's nothing quite like it out there.
anyone giving this a 1 star review based off the fact that it is derived off another shard with all the same stuff just switched around to be more fun and convenient is just being rude and kinda an ass. you are also hurting the original shard this one is forked off of also by giving it a 1 star review. this fork is fun and rather enjoyable the players online are nice and online quite often. oh and there is no limit on how many skills you can gm, so dont know why your lying bout that? anyone reading this should give it a try and not go off of reviews anyways. it is a fork but there has been alot of extra work put into it, the main huge change is the fact that there are roads to follow and makes the world looking more pleasing to the eye and more fun to go out and adventure the lands.

dont judge a book by its cover, and dont be an ass and assume stuff is automatically going to be bad.

see you in the lands: ~garth~
I played Odyssey for quite awhile and decided to try this. I made a barbarian character and ended up deleting them because their skills weren't unlimited as was stated. My maps don't match up to what is around me at times and the roads are all odd 90 degree angles in Sosaria. Too many crashes to mention. The style of changes are off putting with the rest of the environment. There is a town very close to Britain and there are people living on a volcano. I also think of the Spoony review of Ultima 9 where he complained about knights living near lava and stating they would be dead in seconds from breathing in the fumes.
Hi WizardTim, can't please everyone! not sure why you felt the need to leave a negative review, we know you're against any upgrades and modding to odyssey.