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Launcher UniversalGameLauncher 2021-06-21

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  • Avoid the broken link on the Github site for the updates.xml, use the example below
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Version checking/Auto updating of your game
  • Grab XML data from the server to display things like the built-in patch notes
  • Will work with games from any game engine (Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, any!)
created by teSill
            - Over the past few weeks we've come up with some really great ideas and I appreciate everyones support.
            - I've been busy and will continue to stay that way. Check up and give feedback often.
            - When things start rolling along I'll start getting the website ready for activity.
            - Hunger, Thirst and Weight will now update properly.
            - Fixed Skill gain!!-
            - Updated tooltips on Armor and Weapons.
            - Attach augments on all weapons and armor.
            - Attach Slayer augments to armor.
            - Craft mage Staffs with Carpentry and Magery skills.
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