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UO Aberration Core 0.1.2

Over ten years of development, at your finger tips.

  1. Enroq
    Original Features:
    - Player Perks
    - Player Races*
    - Global Market System
    - Flying Carpets
    - Essence of Character
    - Player Languages
    - Harvestable Crops
    - Travel By Sea (Ferries)
    - Travel Tents
    - Hunger and Thirst
    - Player & Mount Fatigue
    - Jumping*
    - Currency System (Currently with issue)
    - Creature Alignments (Based on Karma, changes in real-time)
    - Hair Selection Gump
    - Chat System
    - Knockout System
    - Enhanced Disguise Kits and Forensics
    - Enhanced/Extended Journal
    - Working Cannons
    - Contracts of Assassination
    - Pickable, Trappable Doors.
    - Creature Controllers (Staff)
    Randomize Command (Staff)
    Heal Command (Staff)
    - Corpse Production Control (Staff)
    - Console Header Editing (Developer)

    (Check DevNotes.txt in repository)

    Guides to these systems: UOAberration

    *Jumping, and Race abilities require the patching of cliloc.enu, which is provided

    ++ Also comes with an incomplete map.

    LBR/AOS Blend
    • Certain AOS attributes are no longer produced (Reflect Physical Damage, Faster Casting, Lower Requirements).
    • AOS attributes must be obtained via ItemID.
    • Skill-caps raised via Essence of Character, rather than power-scrolls.
    • Only wooden weapons and shields can be crafted as spell-channeling, which they are by default.
    • Modified Melee Damage Algorithm (Halberds can now compete with Flamestrike).
    • Reagents are only consumed if available, reducing the cost of mana required.
    • No Access Levels on House Doors.
    - Runes may only be marked on altars.
    - Running with 0 hunger or thirst will damage you.
    - Running without shoes produces a small chance to damage your feet, and an even smaller chance to make you bleed.

    Non-Original Features:
    - Courageous' LOS
    - Courageous' Random Encounters
    - Knive's Townhouses
    - Command Property Attribute
    - Remote Admin
    - Battle Chess
    - Character Access Level Toggle
    - Customizable Regions
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