UO Art Merge (by Praxiiz)

Art UO Art Merge (by Praxiiz) 2020-02-17

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This was coded and made by Praxiiz of the servUO community in 2014. For personal reasons he had to delete it.

A member of the community archived the code and decided to kindly share with me, so I'm putting it here for archival purposes.

If you want to fork or continue enhancing this project, feel free to do so, I'm unable promisse I'll be able to enhance it due to lack of programming knowledge but it's a VERY useful tool for shard creators with features like multi-selection, tiledata importing and the ability to greatly organize your art.mul files.

Download it here


Original Readme
This quick and dirty utility was originally built to speed up the process of merging art assets. Artists can use this utility to package up and release sets of art that end users can quickly merge into the clients they are using.

Current Features:

  • Copy art assets between sets of MUL files
  • (optional) Copy tiledata at the same time as art assets
  • Copy art to a clipboard
  • View art sets side by side or independently
  • Saves new set of art with _ after filename in the same folder
Planned features (if I get around to them):

  • UOP Support
  • Radar Col support
  • Create blank asset files
  • Save Dialogues
  • Jump to index
  • Better UI
This utility has lots of bugs and it is not optimized. I never really intended to release it, and updates to it will be slow. I will post the source code for it soon for those that want to help develop it or submit bug fixes.
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