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*UPDATED* High Risk Treasure Pile - ALL Players now go criminal when looting! 2024-04-30

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*Note* This file has been updated 1 day after I had released and now makes ANY players Criminal upon looting. Still making improvements as I see fit. So if you don't keep up with this forums post then you snooze and lose :)

On line 108, the only thing I had to add was this

MakesCriminal = true;

You will have to replace your original TreasurePiles because I was too lazy to rename it and didn't see a need for the old anymore. This performs all the same functions as before, but with increased loot on the gold payout (100-1000 gold every 30 seconds) and a 5% chance of a receiving a runic hammer ( gold or valorite ) 5 charges. I have this placed in Felucca Britain/Rooftop where the guards aren't active for us.

And if you want to make it where you go criminal if looting, just change this bool on line 43 to true
 private bool m_MakesCriminal = true;
Hope you guys enjoy
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    Please stay up to date with the forums post because I am updating the resource as I get time to...