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Critical issues resolved.
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Minor housekeeping, major performance optimizations.

SuperGumps animation engine is now fully functional!

Huge improvements in performance for the UO Font API.
Gump display updates for Classic client.
Fixes minor bugs, improves performance.
Includes major gump improvements for Enhanced Client beautification.
Some files have been removed, moved, or renamed.

It is recommended in this case to completely delete the entire project from your server before installing this version.
+ Fix an issue when processing PayPal IPN data from donation transactions that caused all donations to be valued at the base currency price since 8th May 2017.
This version will likely be the final ever public release of VNc.

This update addresses the compatibility issues with the latest RunUO and ServUO builds.

The Updates Service has been completely removed, as has some other redundant modules and services.

General bug fixes and improvements to all code.
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+ Removed redundant comments.

+ AttributesExtUtility future-proofing with support for "JewelAttributes" property.
+ Added IsYoung extension method for Mobile in MobileExtUtility.
+ Fixed an issue causing data corruption when reading raw bytes in SerializeExtUtility.
+ Added ReadBytes method overload to SerializeExtUtility.
+ Removed usage of Parallel Tasks from IOExtUtility.
+ Fixed an issue with Strobelantern where the timer would start with a zero interval.
+ Added explicit casting support to Cast<T> method in DataTypes.
+ Added support for importing transactions from a Json file to AutoDonate module.
+ Added display for period start to period end in AutoDonate module admin interface.
+ Removed the need to validate equipment sets in EquipmentSets module.
+ Clear ExtendedOPL buffer instead of Freeing it to reduce memory reallocation footprint.
+ Removed seed caching from CryptoHashCode.
+ Added value hash caching to CryptoHashCode.
+ Fixed issues with TreeGumpNode parent/child traversal.
+ Fixed potential variable capturing issues in TreeGump button handlers.
+ Added support for Json decoding to interpret strings encapsulated with single quotes.
+ Removed backup expire threading.
+ Added prototype FileExplorerGump accessible by Owners using the [explorer command.
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Vita-Nex: Core 3.0 for RunUO 2.7 and ServUO 55

* This version is semi-compatible with old saves.