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+ Fix Ultima SDK bootstrapping.
+ Fix an issue that would prevent static members from being matched on non-static types when using reflection-based Object extension methods.
+ Remove unused Object extension methods.
+ Add FreeToArray extension method support for HashSet<T>
+ Fix SpellIcons initialization for item-based icons.
+ Add Parsable support to Color555.
+ Updated file headers for all files.
+ Renamed object extension method from CallMethod to InvokeMethod.
+ Rewrite common operations for enum extensions to improve performance.
+ Additional error handling for web service request parsing.
+ Beginning support for ModernUO compatibility.
+ ServUO 57/58 compatibility updates.
This version contains files that have been renamed or moved; be sure to remove the old files before upgrading.

+ Optimized Ultima SDK API bootstrapping.
+ Housekeeping updates for old syntax patterns to .NET 4.8 minimum standard.
+ Improved compatibility and support for ServUO Publish 58.
+ Deprecated support for RunUO.

+ Renamed README file to
+ Renamed LICENSE file to

+ Improved SuperGump API support for enhanced clients.
+ Improved SuperGump API support for dynamic-range scrollbars.
+ Improved SuperGump API support for fluid-layout controls.
+ Improved SuperGump API support for pagination controls.
+ Improved SuperGump API support for entity tool-tip controls.
+ Improved SuperGump API support for text and font controls.

+ Improved WebAPI compatibility by updating to a task-based request process.
+ Updated WebAPI to display unhandled requests in the console window while in DEBUG mode.

+ Optimized ObjectPool API and its implementations.
+ Extended ObjectPool API to support concurrent collections.

+ Added more characters to the UniGlyph table.
+ Extended UOFont API to allow multiple font file search paths.

+ Normalized the API for modules and services to maintain consistency.
+ Improved start-up sequence for modules and services with minor optimizations.

+ Overhauled TimeBoosts API and interface to improve usability and ease of access.
+ Extended support for TimeBoostTokens value randomization and dupe command compatibility.

+ Updated ExtendedOPL API to improve usability and ease of access.
+ Optimized ExtendedOPL API generation and decompiling.

+ Optimized EquipmentSets API set validation and detection.

+ Improved AutoPvP API scenario outcome and mission completion detection process.
+ Extended AutoPvP API support for persisting battle shortcut commands.

+ Updated AutoDonate API transaction processing and history interface.

+ Optimized AdvancedVendor API for buying and selling.
+ Extended AdvancedVendor API to support setting dynamic restock delays.

+ Extended SpellUtility API to include Mastery and Racial circles.

+ Normalized SkillBuffInfo, StatBuffInfo, and ResistBuffInfo API for consistency.

+ Added more specific flag combinations to the ExpansionFlags enum.

+ Extended SkillCodex API to allow overriding of critical functions for custom implementations.

+ Extended SeveredHead API to allow for a custom head creation hook to be assigned.

+ Extended HueDeeds API to allow for easier hooking of the deed creation event.
+ Extended NameDeeds API to allow for easier hooking of the deed creation event.

+ Extended DataStore API to improve usability and ease of access.

+ Extended Enum extension methods API with support for detecting attributes assigned to enum members.
+ Extended Enum extension methods API with support for retrieving absolute flag values.

+ Updated Serialization extension method API to a task-based process during async usage.

+ Optimized Clilocs API to improve memory unloading and argument parsing.

+ Fixed an issue that would cause RuneCodex entries to corrupt their names or descriptions.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause a LayeredIconDefinition to crash the client when displayed.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause AutoPvP battle broadcasts to be inconsistent in their usage.
+ Fixed an issue that would prevent items from being dropped from the cursor.
+ Fixed an issue that would prevent reflected static methods from being dynamically invoked.
+ Fixed an issue that would sometimes produce mangled output during a Json API export.
+ Fixed an issue that would prevent some stats from persisting and displaying correctly from the WebStats API.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause an enumerable extension method to ignore a buffer and iterate unsafely.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause an enumerable extension method to iterate in the wrong direction.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause an enumerable extension method to throw an erroneous out-of-range exception.

- Removed redundant VERSION file.
- Removed redundant JsonReader and JsonWriter.
- Removed redundant InstallationLocator feature.
- Removed redundant PacketHandler API 6017 hooks.
- Removed redundant Sector API extension methods.
- Removed redundant SpawnZone API.
- Removed redundant MySQL ODBC API.
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Critical issues resolved.
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Minor housekeeping, major performance optimizations.

SuperGumps animation engine is now fully functional!

Huge improvements in performance for the UO Font API.
Gump display updates for Classic client.
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Fixes minor bugs, improves performance.
Includes major gump improvements for Enhanced Client beautification.
Some files have been removed, moved, or renamed.

It is recommended in this case to completely delete the entire project from your server before installing this version.
+ Fix an issue when processing PayPal IPN data from donation transactions that caused all donations to be valued at the base currency price since 8th May 2017.
This version will likely be the final ever public release of VNc.

This update addresses the compatibility issues with the latest RunUO and ServUO builds.

The Updates Service has been completely removed, as has some other redundant modules and services.

General bug fixes and improvements to all code.
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+ Removed redundant comments.

+ AttributesExtUtility future-proofing with support for "JewelAttributes" property.
+ Added IsYoung extension method for Mobile in MobileExtUtility.
+ Fixed an issue causing data corruption when reading raw bytes in SerializeExtUtility.
+ Added ReadBytes method overload to SerializeExtUtility.
+ Removed usage of Parallel Tasks from IOExtUtility.
+ Fixed an issue with Strobelantern where the timer would start with a zero interval.
+ Added explicit casting support to Cast<T> method in DataTypes.
+ Added support for importing transactions from a Json file to AutoDonate module.
+ Added display for period start to period end in AutoDonate module admin interface.
+ Removed the need to validate equipment sets in EquipmentSets module.
+ Clear ExtendedOPL buffer instead of Freeing it to reduce memory reallocation footprint.
+ Removed seed caching from CryptoHashCode.
+ Added value hash caching to CryptoHashCode.
+ Fixed issues with TreeGumpNode parent/child traversal.
+ Fixed potential variable capturing issues in TreeGump button handlers.
+ Added support for Json decoding to interpret strings encapsulated with single quotes.
+ Removed backup expire threading.
+ Added prototype FileExplorerGump accessible by Owners using the [explorer command.
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Vita-Nex: Core 3.0 for RunUO 2.7 and ServUO 55

* This version is semi-compatible with old saves.