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Voodoo Dolls 2017-02-02

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This is a revamp of Tru's Voodoo Dolls he released on RunUO a few years back, thanks for the platform for this version! Thanks to Pyr0 for the help too!
I've made some changes, and used Head.cs and Corpse.cs from ServUO repo:

  • Limited the amount of times a voodoo doll can be poked (10 times).
  • Voodoo pins are randomly Reusable (which gives them 10 uses automatically), if not Reusable, they have 1 use, and then break.
  • Changed graphics for the Doll and Voodoo Doll.
  • Added more content to display on the Voodoo Doll to show pokes and animate property.
  • Voodoo Dolls can be animated (summons an Animated Voodoo Doll named Ghoul, showing the player whose head was used, and the player that created the voodoo doll).
  • Added a Potion of Animate to animate the Voodoo Doll(s).

How it works:
There are several facets to this system, which makes things a bit more fun. Voodoo Bags contain - 1 doll, and 3 Voodoo Pins.
(Distribute the bags how you wish, or put just the Doll, Animate potion and Pins on a vendor.)

  • If a player is killed, and another player takes their head, they can use that head to create the Voodoo Doll. With a player's head in your backpack, double-click the Doll and target the head.
  • The head will get "squished" onto the doll, and create "a bloodied doll".
  • Simply stick the Bloodied Doll in an oven (stay within 3 tiles of it), and a Voodoo Doll should appear in your backpack (the bloodied doll is consumed).
  • Using Voodoo Pins, you may now "poke" the Voodoo Doll (double-click a pin and target the voodoo doll). Voodoo pins, by default, do Harm, but player's can target a potion (Greater Heal, Greater Poison, Greater Cure, Total Refresh), and have additional poking options.
  • Voodoo Dolls will show how many times they have been Poked, and once they reach 10, cannot be poked anymore.
  • Once a voodoo doll has been created (Poked once, 10 times, or never), the Potion of Animate can be used on it (double-click the potion and target the Voodoo Doll).
  • While a voodoo doll is being poked (or if it's turned into an animated voodoo doll), the player's whose head was used to create the voodoo doll, receives messages, so they know who controls the doll.
  • Another nice thing about this system is that none of this works if the target player is not online. If player A takes player B's head, player B logs off, player A must wait for player B to come back online.
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