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Wax Crafting Addons 1.0

Item addons for Manu's Wax crafting system & Edit to his DefWaxcrafting

  1. Cass Winterhaven
    You must be updated to at least client if not a bit less. I have no ideal when these ItemId's were added to client patch for Artwork. Used in conjunction with Manu's WaxCrafting Updated.
    Noted that the DefWaxcraft system was not created by me but I did edit it. I assume its Manu's as that was the system I downloaded for use.
    Found no credit for the system at the top. So big thanks to Manu for posting the script in RUNUO.

    I hope others can use these drag and drop files for add use to their player craft system. Should work simply with no issues if you are at client 7.0.32 as that's what im using it on.