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XSpawner v1.1 w/ XMlSpawner Ultimate Docs 1.3

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Drag n drop core..the FelSeaMarket.xml and TramSeaMarket.xml should go into you Spawns folder...

Update to 1.3:

- Added Write multi command ..more or less just tells you how to use it
- Added High Sea to Tram and Fel spawn gump and also added a pre-made High Sea Spawner for the market area made by Red Beard...
Drag n Drop

New Feature in 1.2
- Changed The Despise Xml Load File to Load the New Revamp Xml
- Added Xml Add Spawner Command
- Added Xml Get Command
- Added Xml Set Command
- Added Xml Find Command
- Added Xml Go Command
- Added Xml Edit Command
- Added Re-Create World Command
- Added Delete World Command

Gump Changes in 1.2
- Extended First Page of Gump
- Extended Third Page of the Gump
- Re-orginized so it makes more sence
- General Gump Code Clean-Up with more commented code and added Regions to make it easier to find for customize/Modded purposes