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    Looking for work (Artist)

    RedRooster is fantastic to work with. They work exceptionally fast, communicates clearly and frequently... Truly an excellent artist to have in your back pocket. I look forward to the next time I can work with RedRooster to step up my environment art.
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    Wrestling base damage

    There is a weapon for bare hands, Fists. Probably want to start there.
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    SERVUO / Disable AOS

    There was a very stable fork created when the reorganization was started. Specifically for people who wanted to do older era shards.
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    UO: YEAR 1800 Before Magic

    Very interesting concept, and I think your map is very clever. Keeping an eye on this one. If you feel like you need help with the map, who did it? Because a lot of the city work you have is pretty good.
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    Why was my post Deleted

    Maybe true, but not every corner of the internet needs to be having that discussion. I am no moderator, and I agree with your sentiment, but this is not the place for that talk. Consider it a blessing we don't have to deal with those issues here. Let this be a sanctuary.
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    Timer Crash

    Code is read progressively. A line cannot be read until the previous is. Sequencing is super important.
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    Uo Fiddler/client crashes

    Free slots are not recognized well by the client. You are correct, you will have to use the Unused slots for all items you don't intend to just be statics. Ironically, use unused slots for anything you want to use.
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    How do I delete Sanvtrum Viatas?

    Yeah, also the "macroeconomics" of scroll use, might not be a real problem.
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    How do I delete Sanvtrum Viatas?

    Is there a reason you're trying to delete chiv? Are you trying to regress an AoS build to T2A? Or is it just parts of chiv?
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    How to make a NPC wander the world?

    NPCs go idle and don't move or "think" when a player is not in range. You will need to set PlayerRangeSensitive to false, as the first step.
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    Programmatically manipulate mobiles?

    When I get home tonight I'll get you some examples.
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    Programmatically manipulate mobiles?

    Xmlspawners are not coding, nor are they stable. While easy, it is not a scalable solution. On point, what you're asking is very doable, but quite fiddly. You can issue orders and provide destination cords easy enough.
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    New host, I don't know jack.

    Don't be afraid to hop on the discord.
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    Freezing a map

    After the freeze command, go to your server's client data. This is the set of client data configured in the datapath config file. Copy (CTRL+C copy, nothing complex here) the statics and staidx files for your map (Fel 0, Tram 1, etc.). Paste them into your play client. Restart server.
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    Ordering a custom computer? read first

    Viruses do not spread by mail.