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    [ServUO] We Can Add Buffs, But Can We Revert Them?

    Are you just trying to write new descriptions for an otherwise stock strength buff? Because of the way buffs and buff icons work, you will need to use different buff icons if you intend to make buffs that are just iterations of stock stuff. Say you put your custom str buff on a rock players...
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    [ServUO] We Can Add Buffs, But Can We Revert Them?

    You don't need to "remove" stat buffs. They naturally go away at the end of the timer. Have you looked at how bless handles it?
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    Fatal crash only on my computer.... even fresh master... works on other PC and VPS

    The error is in there, actually. The file is in use. I think you've got a rather simple problem: either the computer in question is already running the server process and it wasn't killed cleanly, or you have your user permissions set to restrictively. Just a guess though. Edit: Also, you...
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    Loosing stamina When heal is low

    Probably Bandage.cs
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    Fixed Travesty Issue with Loot

    Bug reports are always appreciated! I know I was thankful this got brought up!
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    How to remove Britain's bank?

    Have you tried running it as admin, you know, elevating it's permission level?
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    How to remove Britain's bank?

    I think just familiarizing yourself with Centred+ will get you a lot further.
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    Ultima Online Builder (Various tools)

    Link is dead, would anyone mind rehosting world builder?
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    Need assistance with CentrED+ installation

    Have... Have you tried just hitting ok? I'm not trying to be flippant, this is a regular error, and doesn't appear to actually mean anything. I too, get that message, and it hasn't meant anything for the years I've been using CED.
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    Some general questions for a ServUO/Admin noob

    You can change the default light levels by changing the integers in /Scrips/Misc/LightCycle.cs.
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    CrashGuard.cs not sending email

    You need to be running a mail server stack to actually send the emails.
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    Ultima Odyssey

    The container thing is a very lame client limit. I've run into it as well. I've tried just about every trick in the book to resolve it, to no avail. I will say, custom container gumps was a nice move. I hadn't done that one for the same reasons you reverted, that pack gump is just...
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    Damage to mana first?

    You need to supply more code. What is the method you're overriding? Does that method exist in RunUO even?
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    Damage to mana first?

    This already exists. Take a look at the Mana Shield skill mastery.
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    ServUO Vet Rewards Errors

    Clilocs are defined by the client data you are using. They're numbers that associate with strings of text in the cliloc file, translating based on the language desired by the end user. If you're using ML client data, there is no way for the client to know about more modern clilocs. You can...