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    Hey Shazzy, I think Ive been on your old shard at some time. Anyway if your interested check out UOKingdom. We are up and running and I am looking for some help. our IP is 2593 using or Our discord link is Join the UOKingdom Discord Server!
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    Eater Caps?

    Thanks for the responses.
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    Eater Caps?

    I have heard that eater stats on UO cap out at 30%. Is this correct and does the same hold true for ServUO? Does anyone know which script the eater caps are set in? IS eater cumulative if one has multiple eater endowed items do they add together? Or does it take the highest eater stat off of...
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    Sacred Quest not working

    Thanks for the point in the right direction. Doing the prequest worked. I did find that the spawns in the holy city are mucked up. If you kill anything on the prequest before you get the Nox guys quest and it hasn't respawned then you may not get enough mobs to spawn to fulfill the quest. You...
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    Sacred Quest not working

    Jolly. I will give it a shot. This was coming from a player request saying he couldn't get it to work so I will try it.
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    Sacred Quest not working

    Sorrry, could you point me to which moongate?
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    Sacred Quest not working

    Hello, I hope this is the right spot for this question. I have a SERVUO server pretty current release, and the dang Sacred Quest isn't working. I have a shrineofsingularity placed ( I made sure both the shrineofsingularity.cs and the questofsingularity.cs are current to the repo as of...
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    UOKingdom Looking for Players

    UOKINGDOM UOKingdom is up and ready to play! We run a ServUO emulator with the client. Our web site is at port 2593 UOKingdom Website Go to our website and grab our custom Hues.mul file! Make sure you grab our custom hue.mul from our website above to make sure...
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    Sean's Rainbow Mounts

    FYI... The mounts will change color on your command. It turns out if you stand on them (not mounted) and say "change random" it will change to a random hue color between like 1 - 1200 hue id's. You can also say change black, change red, change yellow, change green, change brown, change grey...
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    Working lamps and a few flaming pillars

    Diesel submitted a new resource: Working lamps and a few flaming pillars - Addons of lamps and flaming pillars Read more about this resource...
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    Working lamps and a few flaming pillars 2021-05-26

    Series of flame pillars and working lamps with colored shades. The lamps are built out of tables, candles, and beehives. The beehives have different colors or hues applied. You can easily edit them to fit your shards' hue values.
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    UOKingdom NEW server Needs 4 or 5 playtesters!

    Web Site up mostly complete UOKingdom
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    UOKingdom NEW server Needs 4 or 5 playtesters!

    Hi Sorry I missed your reply. I work Sundays. Login at You will need a current copy of the EA client file Replace the hues.mul file in the client root with this attached hues.mul. This will make colors show up correctly. When I notice you are on I will explain about...
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    Planes of Etria

    Looks like it happened!
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    UOKingdom NEW server Needs 4 or 5 playtesters!

    Need one more playtester... If you want your Pet to look like a giant head you can do that here.