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    Discord bot,needed a bit help to get it doing some messages from scripts.

    Vorspire will be around to answer this better as I don't have access to the module but what is happening here is you are passing a string into the SendMessage method where it is expecting a bool. You will need to look at the method to see what the bool actually is for and write your code to...
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    Newest Muls

    You will want to use another file hosting website such as
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    Can't compile newest repo

    Yeah for now the ServUO path cannot contain spaces if you want to use the compiler batch scripts. Alternatively it can be compiled in visual studio if you want to keep the folder structure.
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    ServUO updated to .net 4.7.2

    Ooof yeah, .net dropped support for vista starting at 4.7
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    Auto notifying of conversations should be working again. Hmmm, I am getting notifications just fine. Can you check your spam and see if they ended up there? I did move our transactional emails away from sendgrid to Amazon SES so there might be some email reputation hit but it should be temporary.
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    Not A Bug Error since last update and now unable to make servuo.exe

    Either will work. I suggest the runtime option.
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    ServUO updated to .net 4.7.2

    What operating system are you using?
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    ServUO updated to .net 4.7.2

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    ServUO updated to .net 4.7.2

    Hey! ServUO's current master has been updated to use .net 4.7.2. This will allow you to use c# 6 and 7 features going forward. I have tested on both windows and ubuntu 18.04LTS using mono and did not see any issues. However, in a production environment that might change. I do not believe this...
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    Looking for history of this forum and runUO forks, general state of freeshards.

    @Vorspire would have more information than me but a lot of it is lost to time to be honest. ServUO started from ForkUO in 2013. I was not around for the ForkUO days so I cannot tell you of the activity of that. PlayUO is an outdated fork of ServUO. It started because the owner of ServUO at...
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    Fixed :)
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    Unfortunately the tutorial system we used is not yet updated to work on the latest version of Xenforo. I am currently looking into alternative solutions.
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    *update 2* Added a giphy button in the text editor. You should see it beside the smiley button :) *update* I have enabled syncing of Discord users and forums users. This will allow us to sync user-groups between platforms and some other neat features. If you have a special usergroup here...
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    How to use the eventsink [Deleted]

    This tutorial has been deleted and is no longer accessible.
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    Forum Permission Problem

    Fixed :)