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    Ultima Odyssey

    Thread cleaned up of off topic chat. Please try stay on topic going forward. Thank you so much for this amazing contribution to the community @Djeryv
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    ServUO Discord - Down? :)
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    ServUO - previous builds?

    Publish 54 lasted about 6 years. We didn't really have any structure to releases back then and never really had a development and stable version. Publish 55 is when stable releases really started to show. Saying that you can browse the repository at any point in time when a commit was made and...
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    Referecing Mobil (Storage Key)

    User has been banned for reversing donations. Alt account also banned.
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    Referecing Mobil (Storage Key)

    I was trying to keep your thread on topic so you could get the help you are looking for. You canceled your donations already days ago so not sure why you are mentioning it now? Thanks again for the donation it was appreciated but we will still be here without it :) ServUO is not for discussion...
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    Referecing Mobil (Storage Key)

    Stay on topic please. Also this forum is not the avenue to talk about or bring up American politics or policy. While the US makes up a lot of traffic to ServUO it is still less than 20% of the total traffic, this site does not have the audience for American or any countries politics.
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    Moving ServUO to a different computer

    Clear everything in Scripts/output to force a recompile of scripts. Does that help?
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    Moving ServUO to a different computer

    Correct, windows 7 cannot compile the latest distro due to support for .net being dropped by Microsoft on that OS. Looking at the errors posted above though it looks like you did not copy every single file as it is looking for data that does not exist or you copied the files multiple times...
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    Donator Status - alternate payment methods; amazon-pay

    I have added stripe as an alternative gateway.
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    UO and Satellite Internet?

    Ping is going to be a problem. I believe the physical limit of your lowest ping will be around 500ms depending on how far away the satellite is in orbit and then you need to add on ping to and from the service you are trying to access. I would look into getting a DSL line built out you way if...
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    How can fix this bugs?

    Download and install this
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    How can fix this bugs?

    Windows server 2012 support the version of .net framework we are using.
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    How can fix this bugs?

    You will not be able to update ServUO. It should work fine for the latest version of UO but might break in the future.
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    How can fix this bugs? will work on windows 7
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    How can fix this bugs?

    Windows 7 is not supported in the latest version. Either use the older version or update to windows 8 or later.