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    Evo system

    okay so @Zsu to fix these 2 you need to change base.Damage( amount, defender ); into return base.Damage( amount, defender ); for both BaseMountEvo, and BaseEvo 1620781108 also post your shrinkcommand.cs so i can see what its referring to
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    Evo system

    The one that is currently published on ServUO isn't compatible yes, but it's quite easy to fix. @Zsu can you post your Baseevo and BaseEvoMount scripts. I need to see the actual line of code that it is targeting as an error. As for the Hitching post script that line it's referring to should be...
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    Evo system

    Commenting portions are okay and all, but if you are commenting the scripting problems then you are also taking away what could be used in the server as well. Partial coding is never good. When I get home I'll check my script and see what to be changed and updated. Most likely xanthos evos needs...
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    Erad's Steeds & Pets (Version ServUO Pub57) - 1.1 Update

    - Changed Special Attacks to match with the element type. - Made all animals have to be subdued in order to tame besides physical. - Added 2 new variants of Stallions - Added 2 new variants of Mares - Added 2 new variants of Cu Sidhe
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    Erad's Steeds & Pets (Version ServUO Pub57)

    Erad updated Erad's Steeds & Pets (Version ServUO Pub57) with a new update entry: 1.1 Update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    No Magic Shard

    It would be a different experience, but instead of wiping out magic, you should revamp the Magery system. Nerf it where Magic skills are illegal in the towns but can still be hidden, like in the show Merlin. Creating it where the towns send warriors to kill you if a npc snitches on you.This...
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    Erad submitted a new resource: UOTerraria - Terraria based custom scripts Read more about this resource...
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    UOTerraria 1.0

    Scripts Compatible With ServUO Pub 57 Heavily based Around The Game Terraria -The slimes will most likely be adjusted within future versions, they are meant to be easy to kill slimes which are how they are in Terraria Version 1.0 Slime Monsters Varients - Green Blue Red Purple Yellow Black...
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    The usual, new to SERVUO :)

    Hey steadyrock to give you a heads up, what milva is referring to is that the forum you posted on is for shard owners who is looking for someone to collaborate with. This post technically should be under script support.
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    Era's Custom Clothing art

    Erad updated Era's Custom Clothing art with a new update entry: May the 4th be with you Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Art Era's Custom Clothing art - May the 4th be with you

    Hope everyone is having a great day, I've been hard at work trying to capture the essence of the latest Update theme since Jan. I hope everyone enjoys the content :) - Project SGLX Released Added In Gumpart Classic Scorpion's Mask - Headwear Classic Scorpion's Shinobi Shozoku Top - Chest...
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    Custom scripts from old ServUO, not working on new ServUO version

    Just because it didn't edit any core doesn't mean it's a drag and drop. Every version of Servuo we have have different methods that we use
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    Orcs redone...

    Heal chance was most likely a old method for healing, could check around and find mobs that currently use healing and try replacing it with that method
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    Trying to work on a new Gold Panning System, one that's going to be worth the time learning fully

    Trying to work on a new Gold Panning System, one that's going to be worth the time learning fully
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    Evo pet

    I am gonna post both the older version and the Servuo Pub57 fixed version. I do recommend, don't just drop in and replace. Look at what is changed from the older to the newer version. So if you wanted to Patch another Script to work with pub57 you know exactly what you are dealing with. Pub57 is...