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    An easy way to create a "Dynamic Mining System"

    As GetSystem will only be called by Items which declare DynamicMining.GetSystem(this) as their HarvestSystem, there's no reason to have issues. But your right it is not the nicest way. Maybe the good way could be - GetSystem(Item tool) and then some tests => if(tool is BaseAxe) etc... - or...
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    An easy way to create a "Dynamic Mining System"

    The easiest way, I think, is just to ask Item as argument in GetSystem method. So in DynamicMining.cs, Change : public static HarvestSystem GetSystem(BaseAxe axe) With : public static HarvestSystem GetSystem(Item axe)
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    Bonjour people!

    Salut, n'hésite pas à demander de l'aide ;)
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    [ULTIMA LIVE] DeepMining

    Hi, its a long time since I put fingers in that one, please help me to get closer to the bug, could you run the test I propose to ft2085267 one post above ? You got to insert it in place of existing code in DeepGoGump.cs/CallBack_Levels method, line 172
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    the character creation initial screen: changes

    Here's a way to do so
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    Question About A little Peace of Code ;)

    Hi, you can make a try with LandTarget to select the ground and something like that to avoid being inside a house : BaseHouse house = BaseHouse.FindHouseAt(from); if (house == null) return; You can also param FindHouse something like that: BaseHouse house =...
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    An easy way to create a "Dynamic Mining System"

    Hi , really can't say anything about xmlspawner and the minespirit, as I, for along time now, just use coordinates spots to define my ores. But for the second problem, look at line 24, IronOre is set instead of BaseOre. Try with BaseOre...
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    Hi german here :D

    Hi Döschl, warum habe ich nicht im klass gelernt... Germany seems to be more active than France... Hopefully we've got Frenchies from Quebec. Europa is on the move, if I can help ;)
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello from France, neighbour ;) These times I'm often on and Siebenwind Gumps. You Germans rocks !
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    I wrote a section of code, want to change the AI of the pet, but is invalid

    If you got the sendmessage, then look in basecreature.ChangeAIType if AI_NecroMage is listed in the switch. If it is, look at targeted creature, if its ForcedAI is defined.
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Client ? Don't you have UOP maps now, instead of mul ?
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    Dougan Ironfist's Region Editor "2015"

    Gargouille submitted a new resource: Dougan Ironfist's Region Editor "2015" - I forked it to implement some features I need Read more about this resource...
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    Misc Dougan Ironfist's Region Editor "2015"

    I create a GitHub repo, based on Region Editor v2. My goal was to make easier the definition of big regions with many areas. In this fork, when expanding a regionnode by 2click, all areas and all subregion-areas are red highlighted. It's helpful. I needed that, so I did, regardless of any...
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    Mono Compile Issue

    In your Ultima.dll project's references, don't you have reference to Server or itself ?
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    Mono Compile Issue

    Don't you just have Server scripts into Scripts folder? Looks to have twice some codes?