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    thank you

    thank you
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    Master Storage Question

    Very true I never thought of it that way LOL. I was thinking less stuff in shard but I don't think it matters no matter how many scripts you have it does not affect load time on the shard
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    Hey Guys I am looking to post a custom script I would like to share with everyone how do I go...

    Hey Guys I am looking to post a custom script I would like to share with everyone how do I go about it?
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    Master Storage Question

    Hi everyone I am looking for advice. I am using the master storage and I do not plan on using it for more than just to store gold and tokens and having it for a customizable loot bag, But here is my question I do not want to use the storage part of it. I am using custom storage keys. Will it...
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    Updating server files

    Considering I do not have any players I can see mine being easier to just copy and paste. Glad you got it all fixed :)
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    Double Click/Gate

    Thank you I can not believe I did not think of that lol.
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    Issue With Town House scripts

    Hello, everyone, I added the Knives Town Houses to my shard and I get this error Errors: + custom/Test/Town Houses v2.01/Items/TownHouseSign.cs: CS0117: Line 1084: 'BaseHouse' does not contain a definition for 'HasAccountHouse' Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script...
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    Updating server files

    When I updated to the new server I simply took the save files out of my old server and added them to the new one. The only thing I found did not work was the accounts but that may have been solved by adding the old account file to the new one maybe. I am not fully sure on that one. I do not have...
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    Need help with save error

    I have gotten this error before something you removed from the shard prior to the save pissed it off. You need to re-add the item then use one of your save backups go in and manually delete the item you are trying to remove and then save it again. It could also be caused by an interrupted save...
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    Double Click/Gate

    Hello, everyone, I could not think of a better name for this post. I am looking for ideas or help, I need a script that will allow you to set something up as a double click and it will send you to a location. Like for example, a wreath will send you to a snowy area where a quest is set up. I...
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    Universal Storage Keys

    It was the script I had for the granite it was missing the normal granite part of the script for some reason
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    fiddler has a plugin that can change .mul files to .uop files and it can also change them back to .uop after making them .mul.
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    Not A Bug Granite.cs

    I know I was able to fix it on my end the only reason I noticed it was because where it was on the storage keys it had an unused tile. If it is not a bug good means no one else had the issue I did. :)
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    Not A Bug Granite.cs

    that is strange because in the one I script in mine did not have plain granite and I had to put the file from my older serveUO install maybe it was just on my end thank you for looking.
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    Storage Keys

    thank you I will look. see I would have gotten mad trying to figure it out in each script lol 1555378515 If it is not to much trouble can you point me in the right direction of what script there are 5 gump files. There is addstashcolumngump.cs, itemstoregump.cs, listentrygump.cs...