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  • Sorry to hear about your husband, If you are looking for a shard to work on i would love to have ya! Send me a message on here or discord, Heamo_Goblin
    I would love play or help on your shard. I'm very rusty. But I love UO. can you send me a link to log on? I play under the name of Dawnwind as my player name . It has been a while .
    Heamo Goblin
    Heamo Goblin
    Send me a dm on here or discord, we are not currently public.
    TY Lagatha for creating Summers house addon, I ended up making a few changes to the flower colors but overall I love the layout! Keep up the great work. :)


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    Wondering do you have a Young Player Gate? like say something that wont let you go in after 7 days. lol
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