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    Runic properties issue.

    Hello! Getting issue with runic tools. In ResourceInfo.cs all is normal,valorite hammer is setup to 5 props min,and 5 props max. Some weapons getting 4 properties instead of 5,some one with this issue? Here the code of the runic craft in valorite: //Valorite info runic...
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    Spawn creature randomly in the world?

    Hello!Its possible to spawn a creature in random location in all the world?Maybe using xmlspawner? Thank you!
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    Did htis stone can work like skillball? What happens if players got skillcap,but skills lockdown and lockup?
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    Hello!Need help on colored tub!

    Hello!I have a colore tub,but need help doing the player can choose the hue on firt double click,example: Character receive dye tub with standard hue,he double click the hue,and he able to select the hue he want. When the hue is not standard hue,on double click the tub just show the target with...
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    Damage Cap

    Hello, i have some creatures using this code for melee damage: public override void AlterMeleeDamageTo( Mobile to, ref int damage ) { if ( to is PlayerMobile ) { int negfactor = Utility.Random(100); damage /= 2; } } And this code for spell...
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    ServUO - Monsters using Bolas

    Try Mobile combatant = this.m_Mobile.Combatant as Mobile; And make sure in top of your script is: using Server.Mobiles; but im sure this should work: Mobile combatant = Combatant as Mobile; Take a look for example in your AntLion.cs around line 100
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    Evolution dragon "KP" not gaining kill points on damage,need help!

    Hello!I updated old KP evolution dragon to get it on server,it loads well,i add the egg,i get my stage 1 evo,and goes to train him,but not kp gain on damage. Here the method: public override int Damage( int amount, Mobile defender ) { int kpgainmin, kpgainmax...
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    Guide to activate old guild system?

    Hello! There is a guide to get the old guild system working? Things i tryed: Guild.cs: //public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return Core.SE; } } public static bool NewGuildSystem { get { return false; } } GuildStone.cs: //if (Guild.NewGuildSystem) //return; When i place a guild stone...
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    Standalone Discord bot. [Paid]

    Never seen that.Seems to be from EasyUo,it connect EasyUo with your character,using messages.The bot connect your server with Discord. This tool send messages from character to Discord,the bot send messages from system/server to Discord. 1610573993 Vitanex also have a free version of a Discord...
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    Standalone Discord bot. [Paid]

    I think this bot is not runing on Runuo,let me test it.I will do a version for that if is not compatible.
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    Standalone Discord bot. [Paid]

    This bot replicates your pre-setup messages,example,in PlayerMobile.cs,method OnLogin (when a player login),you can send a message to your Discord like this: private static void OnLogin(LoginEventArgs e) { Mobile from = e.Mobile...
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    Standalone Discord bot. [Paid]

    Lemke submitted a new resource: Standalone Discord bot. - Get your shard live in your Discord channel. Read more about this resource...
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    Standalone Discord bot. 1.0

    This is a Discord bot to get messages from your shard into your Discord channel. Installation: Drop DiscordWebhookInterface.dll and Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform.dll in your Servuo executable folder. Drop Standalone Discord bot.cs in your scripts or custom scripts folder...
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    Level System Extreme

    Mental note: read install instructions please,all is going fine!
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    Item Creation - Platinum Bars

    Deleted IsArtifact propertie,and added name,is working for me.