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    Fixed UO Store search does not work

    Yes I was not able to search either. Had same problem. Changed what Falkor said line 175 and seems to be working now. I am using classic client. but I see I also am missing some MegaCliloc strings So I will need to be updating client. 1590044317 FYI update: I updated Classic Client...
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    Lumberjacking Problem

    Years ago I had issues and it was the Circle of Transparency that was causing the issue. Just a thought and something to check to see if may be the reason you are having the issue...
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    Not A Bug tree conflict 4655 - 4656?

    Between 4655 and 4656 I guess some directories were changed or removed. Somehow it caused a tree conflict in the updating. I checked the latest repo and the directory is not in there but in 4655 it was there. In every commit since 4656 the directory is not in there. I presume its safe to delete?
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    Not A Bug Bad spawn log - 4649

    update # 4649 # Bad spawns : 4/1/2020 2:54:20 AM # Format: X Y Z F Name 1571 1440 20 Trammel xmlquestnpc/UNEQUIP,Innertorso/UNEQUIP,MiddleTorso/UNEQUIP,OuterTorso/UNEQUIP,Pants/UNEQUIP,Helm/UNEQUIP,OuterLegs/EQUIP/<robe/loottype/blessed/itemid/8259>/blessed/true/name/lord...
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    Admin Toolbar

    Since the update of 10065 / 4642 of servuo apparently the toolbar is giving issues. I think it may be from the removal of the customs framework 10064/4641. Help to get it working with the latest servuo attached are the toolbar files. Along with the errors I been getting.
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    Update Note for those still using this. To keep up to date with the latest servuo you may want to change line 329 from: if (count == 1 && Core.SE) TO: if (count == 1)
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    Not A Bug bad spawns revision 9985 running shard

    # Bad spawns : 3/26/2020 2:59:41 AM # Format: X Y Z F Name 379 727 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 367 750 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 367 740 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 392 730 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 2110 1306 -50 Malas Mardoth 367 749 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 392 740 -1 Malas HaochisGuardsman 1192...
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    Knive's Town Houses

    Using Classic Client and the latest update from servuo as of 03/25/2020 revision 9985 now getting these errors: should I just comment the code out?
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    Blue book tested and losing info on page 1

    I tried a clean latest servuo with the latest classic client and a different versions of razor just to make sure and I am still having the same issues.
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    Fixed Ultima Store wrong name for "LargeGlowingLadyBug"

    The Lady bug has the same title as the woodworkersbenchdeed ultimastore.cs Register<WoodworkersBenchDeed>(1026641, 1156670, 0x14F0, 0, 0, 600, cat); Register<LargeGlowingLadyBug>(1026641, 1156660, 0x2CFD, 0, 0, 200, cat); Please follow the below template when submitting a bug report. Thank you...
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    Fixed System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException

    Error: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the ta rget of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Server.Region.Register() at Server.Items.HighSeasPersistance.Configure() --- End of...
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    Leonel Strouse updated AdvanceInteriorDecorator with a new update entry: Update with Servuo's "King's Collection Decorate" changes on 11/09/2019 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    AdvanceInteriorDecorator - Update with Servuo's "King's Collection Decorate" changes on 11/09/2019

    Merged the changes that were done with Servuo. Servuo added changes to the InteriorDecorator.cs: I merged those changes into this AdvanceInteriorDecorator.cs Version: 0.002
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    Fixed Ultima Store gump problem with latest code version (Enhanced and 2d client)

    Just tested and had same issue. I commented out the the area of what was added in this update and was able to open the store again. The update was: Again, I commented out those changes and was able to get the...
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    The Elf On the Shelf Quest

    I skimmed the code real quick.. and seen information for "Cranky" as another elf. But I do not see that in your package. Do we need to create another npc or did you forget to add "Cranky" in your package?