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    base id

    0x8A4 is the Hue, not the item ID. 0x141B is the item ID. So, you want something like this: // Add new type ........type name...........price, Amt, ItemID, Hue Add(new GenericBuyInfo(typeof(OrcishKinMask), 5000, 5, 0x141B, 0x8A4));
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    base id

    What do you mean by "assign a base id number"? What are you trying to accomplish with this?
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    curious construction helper

    I especially like the wedding cake.
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    Stack Overflow Exception

    I would recommend to move your server to a fully local path not located in your users folder and definitely not backed up by OneDrive. Try something like C:\Ultima\
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    Welcome! I recommend updating to latest ServUO version (Publish 56.1) and letting your client fully patch. Unless you are trying to limit the content to a prior release, it's best to have all the bug fixes and content that are included with the latest version.
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    Lokai Versioning

    What I usually use is a batch file like the one attached. Change the extension from .txt to .bat and it will start the server and give you options for turning on various flags including any combination of LV1-5 plus debug and others. So, if you were only using the LV1 folder, for example, you...
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    Craftable House addons not placing.

    Have you tested it yourself? Get yourself a Staff Orb, and 2 deeds for the same type of block. Make sure you are in a house that you own yourself. Use one deed as an Admin, and place the item. Use the staff orb to make yourself a player, then use the 2nd deed.
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    Craftable House addons not placing.

    I took the liberty of changing your Quote tags to Code tags, so the code would display more appropriately. I don't see anything in the code on first inspection. You say an Admin can place it fine. Do you mean when they use the deed it places fine, or if they [add it manually it places fine?
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    sup fam

    Greetings! OK. Here it is. Since the picture is supposed to speak for itself, it leaves me with questions... First, the dude on the right... impossibly thin? or a trick of the light? Second, same dude, are those black socks, or is that also a trick of the light? Third, isn't that dog the one...
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    Hello all

    This can be done in BaseVendor.cs
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    Sorry, did not mean to imply you could do this in game. I assume you are looking for a way to rewrite a script so that it does what you are trying to do. Do you have a special type of "auction bag" or something? Can you post what you are using? Any script, the OnDoubleClick() method can be...
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    Help with Context Menu for BaseGuildMaster

    I don't see any way it can lead to issues. It looks to be written with the correct checks and all that.
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    Why not just increase the effective range for double-clicking that particular bag? I mean, if they have to get out of their seats, I assume that means that if they are close enough it will let them double-click the bag to see what is up for auction, so just change the range so that they don't...
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    Try again with Line 189 commented. Any reason you can't paste code instead of a screenshot of your code?
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    You could post the Unicorn and Charger scripts and we could have a look.