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    Idle Clicker program

    I am going to comment here because I sort of like this idea, and I want to keep it on my watched threads list. I have some ideas for this, but will wait to respond when I am at home and can work out stuff using my test server.
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    Issue pet training system,after apply points,no more experience wins.

    These code pieces have nothing to do with gains that I can see. Your issue is with the part where gains would happen. These are only the parts where you are applying points to the pet.
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    Unable to enter any Dungeons

    [createworld should have spawned teleporters for the dungeons I think. When you are at the entrances do you see the teleporters there on the ground?
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    Shard Opinions

    I think you are in the right Forum. Personally, I like roleplay, but not a huge fan of pseudo-races (meaning, races that are only different because of some physical traits or stat mods or other such.) If you are going to have multiple races, and want them to mean something, then you might have...
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    Take the head from a Paragon corpse and turn it in for a bounty

    Don't know who he is actually. Just look through Mobiles/Townspeople or whatever. You would have to modify his "DragDropOnto" method or something. The cleaver you would have to create yourself, just copy a cleaver and change the name and stuff. The rest of it goes in BaseCreature.
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    Custom map help

    If you replace a map you have to completely redo your spawns. You can't use the Felucca spawns on a custom map, since the elevations and landmarks will be completely different. This includes all decorations that are for Felucca in the Data folder.
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    new here

    When you run the Server it will say "listening on such and such IP on Port 2593" That is the IP you give them, unless it is a private IP like or something. If it's private only, then you need to set up port forwarding on your router (check Google for that one.)
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    Take the head from a Paragon corpse and turn it in for a bounty

    Sure, you could use Fame as your guide if you don't want to try to register every possible Paragaon, so the guy will pay you based on the Fame of the creature. Just make sure when you create the head, you pass the Fame of the creature into the head so that when they turn it in the guy will know...
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    Take the head from a Paragon corpse and turn it in for a bounty

    There are probably half a dozen ways to accomplish this, but this would be my approach: Step 1: Create a cleaver called ParagonCleaver. Have your Huntsman or whoever sell them. Step 2: Modify the BaseCreature, in the OnCarve method to check if the item used was a ParagonCleaver and if the...
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    new here

    [helpinfo will be more useful to you than [help You will probably want to open [admin From there go to the Server section or WorldBuilding and do the CreateWorld thing. If you are familiar with Pandora's Box and have it running, then you are doing better than many around here. That's a good...
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    Error trying to install vendor mall.Latest repo ServUo.

    Try: list.Add(new OpenBankEntry(this));
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    Just FYI. I was looking through this, and in my opinion this is one script that could seriously use a rewrite. There are sections that are very poorly written. One example, in JackpotBoard, there is this code at the top of the OnDoubleClick method: public override void OnDoubleClick(...
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    OOOOooooh, OK. Now I see what you are talking about. Yes, those 2 lines could go anywhere inside the open and closing brace.
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    Not sure where you mean, but it should go at the very top with all the other "using" lines.
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    At the top of PlayerMobile, add this: using Server.Poker;