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    Slap Me Now

    sweet is a lot of dead shards out there Mine included for now and it seems You cant delete it from any of the listings so this would be a fresh pl;ace to add a shard that's active and be able to edit information or delete the listing once its inactive
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    Master looter dont working with daat99 tokens.Help needed.

    FAQ: Q: I'm using your token system but whatever I do the tokens are disabled, what should I do? A: Open all the "*.cs" files that came with this system and make sure all of them have the following line at the top (uncommented): "#define USE_TOKENS".
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    Command Gump

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    can't connect!!

    if its there router its factory locked and They will say its unlocked but in reality it probly isn't went thro this with My provider then went and got a aftermarket router and give thiers back to them all ports are forwarded now and canyouseeme sees them open
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    Looking for a gold scale script

    that's the 1 I was looking for thanks :) not worried about pissing players off when they have billions and trillions gold and tokens are kinda useless We are working on scaling it back so it actualy has a use of sorts again
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    Looking for a gold scale script

    Ive seen this script somewhere it allows Staff to reduce or increase the amount of gold in players accounts Thanks for Your time ,, searched all over and cant remember the exact name of it :(
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    Missing definition

    those items are missing have they been added ??
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    Vendor fail

    this maybe a bug not positive if I delete a vendor it resets all My vendors :( still tryin to figure out why
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    Advanced Town Crier

    this is a justuo script converted from runuo , wasn't sure if it would work with serveuo
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    Druid Spell System

    Im using JustUo Has anybody got this to work using JustUo ??? JustUO - [] Version 1.0 Publish 4 Core: .NET Framework Version 4.0.30319 Core: Optimizing for 2 processors )
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    NPC Help

    props a npc with hair or item you want it will give the ids for it is a few of them in the bodytable file but its not very descriptive and there a gump art drop in here also that gives the ids for everthing in game give Me a sec and Il find the thread (edit 5 minutes later)_ this thread its a...
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    Advanced Town Crier

    not positive but I think days hours and minute maybe or hours minutes and seconds (depends on script You have) this.m_From.SendMessage("Enter the duration for the new message. Format: <hours:minutes:seconds>"); This is the clip from the TownCrier I have running on JustUo
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    removing Staff names

    tried that fatal error but will revist and try it again
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    Ciloc and in base armor

    What is 1061116 and how can I change it? this is the cliloc # You need to make a new cliloc for the new items Your adding (Fiddler) get { return 40; } is the amount of leather or hides it gives CS0246: Line 2189: The type or namespace name...
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    Advanced Town Crier

    set time to announce to how long You want the town crier to announce