1. UO-Orion

    Repair Bench with Gold option 1.0

    This replaces the default RepairBench.cs file and adds a new menu option at the bottom to repair with gold. Benefits of the new repair with gold option: Can be used even if there are no more repair deeds left in the bench! Does not consume any of the repair deeds! Repairs everything currently...
  2. Shazzy

    11th Anniversary Collection 1.0

    This is thanks to the developers of XRunUO. This contains the items from that package. The armor engraver has edits to BaseArmor and I have tested this on my server with no issues, but the placement of these edits in BaseArmor(if someone would like to...
  3. Sareus

    Misc Build Items 1.0

    Upon downloading you will have the "" Inside this zip will be 3 separate Zip Folders: 1.) 4th of July (2 .cs files for The Firework Banner Addons/Deeds from 2016) 2.) Banners (2 .cs files CityBanners.cs and TribalBanners.cs Addons only no Deeds) 3.) 2016 Thanksgiving...