Repair Bench with Gold option

Repair Bench with Gold option 1.0

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This replaces the default RepairBench.cs file and adds a new menu option at the bottom to repair with gold.

Benefits of the new repair with gold option:
  • Can be used even if there are no more repair deeds left in the bench!
  • Does not consume any of the repair deeds!
  • Repairs everything currently equipped on your paperdoll (must be extended from: BaseArmor, BaseClothing, BaseWeapon, or BaseJewel) with a single click!
  • No chance of durability loss unlike repairing/repair deeds!
The amount of gold charged per each point of durability is generated in the CostPerDurability(...) function. The default is 50 gold/durability with a 5%/10%/20% discount given on your Honesty virtue. Tweak this function as you see fit, just return any integer value.

Other notes regarding this resource:
  • Players will see a message if they've earned a discount based on their Honesty
  • Upon opening the gump, players will see the amount of durability that needs to be repaired in a message and the cost in the gump (based on their applicable cost per durabilitiy)
  • This repair bench version should also fix an issue where a player can open the gump and lock-out other players if they do not close it properly
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