1. Shazzy

    Kings Collection Ship Paintings 1.0

    these are the east and south Ship Paintings that give a heavy cannon charge once per day. I will release the others later this week, Here is the link to the information. Enjoy!!!!!
  2. Shazzy

    More Kings Collection Items 1.2

    Here are more of the Kings Collection Items: * Gold Tables * Ornate Beds * Fancy Loveseats * Fancy Couches * Marble Tables * Long Metal Table East * Long Wooden Table East If you do not have the Plush Loveseat, Upholstered Chair...
  3. Vorspire

    Misc House Cellar Add-On 1.1

    House Cellar Add-On Add an entire extra floor to any house with this stylised cellar add-on. When placed in any house, the Cellar will automatically adapt its perimeter to fit the house bounds - one size fits all! Includes entrance and exit stairs; the entrance item is a Grandfather Clock and...
  4. Shazzy

    [TOL] Turtle Fountains 1.0

    Turtle fountains from the TOL expansion. Deed for for player placement. East and South. Merry New Year! Shazzy:cool:
  5. Sareus

    Misc Build Items 1.0

    Upon downloading you will have the "" Inside this zip will be 3 separate Zip Folders: 1.) 4th of July (2 .cs files for The Firework Banner Addons/Deeds from 2016) 2.) Banners (2 .cs files CityBanners.cs and TribalBanners.cs Addons only no Deeds) 3.) 2016 Thanksgiving...
  6. P

    The 4 Veterean House-Addon with Craft-functionality 1.04

    The the current addons at your disposal! - South and East version of each addon ready to be placed. - Deeds save the stored uses - Security settings to enable the player to manage this tool - Optional prop to show security (off by default) - Optional prop to show current charges (on by default)...