1. ruaduck

    Misc Guild Moongates 1.0

    Description: This is an addon that allows you to give your guild their very own moongates with whatever locations they want. You can add multiple categories with multiple entites per category for each guild. They can only ever see their guild (same with admins). Setting GuildID = 0 will allow...
  2. Shazzy

    Kings Collection Ship Paintings 1.0

    these are the east and south Ship Paintings that give a heavy cannon charge once per day. I will release the others later this week, Here is the link to the information. Enjoy!!!!!
  3. Shazzy

    More Kings Collection Items 1.2

    Here are more of the Kings Collection Items: * Gold Tables * Ornate Beds * Fancy Loveseats * Fancy Couches * Marble Tables * Long Metal Table East * Long Wooden Table East If you do not have the Plush Loveseat, Upholstered Chair...
  4. Voxpire

    Misc House Cellar Add-On 1.1

    House Cellar Add-On Add an entire extra floor to any house with this stylised cellar add-on. When placed in any house, the Cellar will automatically adapt its perimeter to fit the house bounds - one size fits all! Includes entrance and exit stairs; the entrance item is a Grandfather Clock and...
  5. Shazzy

    [TOL] Turtle Fountains 1.0

    Turtle fountains from the TOL expansion. Deed for for player placement. East and South. Merry New Year! Shazzy:cool:
  6. Sareus

    Misc Build Items 1.0

    Upon downloading you will have the "" Inside this zip will be 3 separate Zip Folders: 1.) 4th of July (2 .cs files for The Firework Banner Addons/Deeds from 2016) 2.) Banners (2 .cs files CityBanners.cs and TribalBanners.cs Addons only no Deeds) 3.) 2016 Thanksgiving...
  7. PyrO

    The 4 Veterean House-Addon with Craft-functionality 1.04

    The the current addons at your disposal! - South and East version of each addon ready to be placed. - Deeds save the stored uses - Security settings to enable the player to manage this tool - Optional prop to show security (off by default) - Optional prop to show current charges (on by default)...