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House Cellar Add-On 1.0

Add an entire extra floor to any house with this stylised cellar add-on.

  1. Vorspire
    Vita-Nex: Core

    House Cellar Add-On
    Add an entire extra floor to any house with this stylised cellar add-on.

    When placed in any house, the Cellar will automatically adapt its perimeter to fit the house bounds - one size fits all!

    Includes entrance and exit stairs; the entrance item is a Grandfather Clock and the exit Item style depends on the chosen Cellar style.

    Automatically extends the bounds of the house region to the minimum Z value possible to include normal house functionality when using or visiting the Cellar.

    When using a Cellar Deed to build a Cellar, you may pick one of these creative styles:
    • Grass
    • Dirt
    • FlagStone
    • SandFlagStone
    • Stone
    • DarkStone
    • SandStone
    • Marble
    • Brick
    • Timber
    • Crystal
    • Jade
    • Dungeon
    • Blood

    Constructable Items:

    Using the [Add command or interface to add a CellarAddon to the world will add a CellarPlaceholder which will automatically build a CellarAddon in the first house it is placed inside.

    The CellarDeed is recommended as a very rare loot item, hard to obtain purchase, or a donation reward. This can be justified by the Item count cost - a simple 10x10 CellarAddon would create a minimum of 100 (floor) tiles.

    The CellarAddon is not staff-proof, it is a BaseAddon like any other.
    If a staff member targets a CellarComponent, that target will act upon the CellarAddon like any other BaseAddon. This includes [Delete.
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