1. TheArt

    Advanced Beard Restyling Deed 2020-09-21

    This allows elves, humans, and Gargoyles to have beards (or facial horns) I have added the ability to remove the restrictions to female characters if you so choos.
  2. TheArt

    Beard Restyling Deed 2020-08-21

    Note: This will also work with other races. This will not work with female characters unless you remove else if (from.Female) from.SendMessage( "Only males can use the deed." ); Anyways, here we go! ^_^ This was inspired by a beard restyling deed I saw a loooooong time ago and...
  3. TheArt

    Beard Restyling Deed

    using System; using Server.Gumps; using Server.Mobiles; using Server.Network; namespace Server.Items { public class BeardRestylingDeed : Item { [Constructable] public BeardRestylingDeed() : base(0x14F0) { this.Weight = 1.0...
  4. TheArt

    Jewelry Bless Deed 1.0

    Cat's out of the bag... or more like.... This is Yaron89, felt like making a new account. This resource I had been scratching my head initially to get it to work... Then I went back and looked at my old scripts for the armor and weapon bless deed... and had an 'AHAH!!!!' moment. Maybe I can...
  5. Yaron89

    Armor and Weapon Bless Deeds 1.0

    These are based off of the clothing bless deeds that come with RunUO, I am going to look into making item bless deeds later but this is an Armor bless deed and a Weapons bless deed as a quick fix. I'm going to see about making a jewelry bless deed. You will need to replace your base armor and...
  6. Vorspire

    House Cellar Add-On 1.1

    House Cellar Add-On Add an entire extra floor to any house with this stylised cellar add-on. When placed in any house, the Cellar will automatically adapt its perimeter to fit the house bounds - one size fits all! Includes entrance and exit stairs; the entrance item is a Grandfather Clock and...
  7. Sareus

    Misc Build Items 1.0

    Upon downloading you will have the "" Inside this zip will be 3 separate Zip Folders: 1.) 4th of July (2 .cs files for The Firework Banner Addons/Deeds from 2016) 2.) Banners (2 .cs files CityBanners.cs and TribalBanners.cs Addons only no Deeds) 3.) 2016 Thanksgiving...