1. Wilson

    Blabber Blade

    Blabber Blade Will blabber randomly once the opponent is below 50% health!
  2. Sareus

    Batlin's Inner Voice - Event Reward Talisman 1.0

    Description: This talismans can have one of following resists at 10%: Fire, Cold, Physical, Poison, Energy, It was obtained during 2020's Haloween event: “Halloween – The Black Gate Champion Spawn”. OSI Information: The Talismans weren't shard bound, so they could be transferred to any shard...
  3. Wilson

    Feedback on Artifacts/Rares

    I'm working on a new system that requires some new Rare's/Artifacts as rewards! I've used the help of GPT to come up with this list, it looks pretty good to me but wanted to see while I work on scripting these, what others think about them, should any be changed because they don't fit or which...
  4. Sareus

    Publish 97 - New Doom Stealables 1.1

    Introduction: I dug through the art and pieced these together and dug through all the OSI forum topics I could find. The incense burner is the only spawn locations I;m not 100% about as everyone just says it's in the Guardian Room. I had to combine BaseDecorativeArtifact.cs and BaseLight.cs to...