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Publish 97 - New Doom Stealables 1.1

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I dug through the art and pieced these together and dug through all the OSI forum topics I could find. The incense burner is the only spawn locations I;m not 100% about as everyone just says it's in the Guardian Room.
I had to combine BaseDecorativeArtifact.cs and BaseLight.cs to create a New Special BaseArtifactLights.cs So The Incense Burner can be a steal-able artifact with an (On North/West Versions) / (Off North/West Versions) that can be flipped while lit or non-lit.

Just downloaded a copy of the Repo to test something on a fresh sever. Upon doing so I realized this made it into the Repo. Thank You, I'm glad my research and coding could contribute on a community level.

New Doom Stealables:

New Doom Stealables/Distro/Items/Artifacts/Decorative:
-HangingPlatemailArms = "Hanging Platemail Arms"
-HangingPlatemailTunic = "Hanging Platemail Chest"
-HangingPlatemailLeggings = "Hanging Platemail Legs"
-ArtifactTable = "Arcane Table"
-ArtifactBooshelf = "Alchemist Bookshelf"
-IncenseBurner = "Incense Burner"

New Doom Stealables/Distro/Items/Functional:
-Contains all the spawn locations for the New Stealables. They are all inside "#region New Doom Stealables"

New Doom Stealables/New/Items/Artifacts/Decorative:
-The New BaseCase File so The Incense Burner Lits/Douses and Flips Properly.

Pictures: - Incense Burner (all Lit/Unlit/Flipped forms) - Group Shot of all Other Steables - Incense Burner Spawn Location - Platemail Arms Spawn Location - Platemail Leggings Spawn Location - Platemail Tunic Spawn Location - Runed Table Spawn Location - Artifact Bookshelf Spawn Location
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  1. Publish 97 - New Doom Stealables

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