1. Doom drop rates

    Where can i check doom arties drop rate? Checked demonknight.cs, couldt found the lines
  2. Sareus

    Doom Stealables Variants 1.0

    This was just a quick edit to DoomStealableArtifacts I did to test both my new mechanical keyboard and turn-able vertical/horizontal monitor. Stealables and Variants: Backpack - 4 Variants (Spawn Chance) 1.)Leather Backpack 2.)Spined Leather Backpack (50%) 3.)Horned Leather Backpack(25%)...
  3. Sareus

    Publish 97 - New Doom Stealables 1.1

    Introduction: I dug through the art and pieced these together and dug through all the OSI forum topics I could find. The incense burner is the only spawn locations I;m not 100% about as everyone just says it's in the Guardian Room. I had to combine BaseDecorativeArtifact.cs and BaseLight.cs to...