1. UnstableKitsune

    Kitsune's ArmorBags 1.0

    INFORMATIONAL: Compiled against ServUO Version - 57.3 Client Patch Version - Unknown if it will work with lower versions. I used ServUO 57-3 Compiled Just fine. I used BagofRegeants.cs and altered it, to make these bags. Support Server invite has been fixed as of 11/27/2023
  2. CS0535 does not implement interface member

    So I am working on making a working copying of SetItem.cs. I have setup DailyQuestSetItem.cs based off of it, as well as BaseDailySetArmor against BaseArmor.cs. In BaseDailySetArmor, I have public abstract class BaseDailyQuestArmor : BaseArmor, IDailyQuestSetItem And I get the first error...